How do I participate in a campaign?
Our algorithm analyses each profile and automatically chooses the most appropriate users for campaigns according to the requirements of the campaign. Don’t forget, adding your networks and personal blog to your Buzzoole profile enhances the possibility of you being invited to participate.
Can I check the number of clicks and views that my posts got?
Sure! All necessary information you can find in the "my campaign" tab.
What is the Campaign Activity Status?
The Campaign Activity Status is a tool which allows you to monitor your campaign feedback.
Quality content is very important to us, to you and to our clients.
Therefore Buzzoole monitors Creator's posts for each campaign and you can monitor your posts and feedback as well using your Campaign Activity Status.
Based on the commitment and on the professionalism shown during a campaign, and on the quality of content created, you could receive positive feedback or negative feedback.
If we discover inappropriate or poor quality contents your Campaign Activity Status will automatically decrease.
Receiving negative feedback 3 times will result in being banned from Buzzoole campaigns for a period of at least 4 weeks.
In the meantime, if you don’t receive negative feedback for 2 subsequent campaigns, your last negative feedback will be cancelled.
Payment Modes
Buzzoole uses Hyperwallet global payout platform to make your payments. Payment services are thus subject to the Hyperwallet Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Personal Dashboard

How do I connect multiple social networks to my profile?
When viewing your dashboard, on the right side you will find the (+) button. This can help you to enrich your Buzzoole profile by allowing you to add social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, VK and Tumblr.

Please note that in order to add your Facebook Business page, you need to have previously added your personal profile on Facebook. This acts as your page's admin and will provide the permissions needed to be able to add your Facebook Business page.

Adding a Blog

How do I verify my Blog?
Verifying your blog is quite easy. You simply need to link the Google Analytics account associated with your blog to Buzzoole. Note that you don’t need a Premium Google Analytics account in order to do this.

To add a new Blog to your profile, just log in to your Buzzoole dashboard and on the right side you will find the (+) button. Click on this and then the blog icon. A step-by-step guide will then take you through the simple process of adding the required fields.

If you have linked your blog to your Buzzoole profile, you will need to verify it in order to be invited to our campaigns. An alert will appear each time you log in until the verification process has been completed. You simply need to click on the Settings button on the right-hand side of your dashboard and a set of step-by-step instructions will guide you through this process.
I have never used GA for my Blog, how do I do it?
Instructions can be found through this link. Google Analytics offers a clearer overview of how to correctly create an account. Once the account has been created, follow the procedure How can I verify my Blog.
Why am I being requested to match my Google Analytics Account with Buzzoole?
Your Google Analytics Account gives you the chance to track your Blog activity and therefore assures full transparency of your participation in our Influencer Marketing campaigns.
Furthermore, it allows you to monitor and optimise your KPI’s and improve your performance.
What data will Buzzoole access after the connection to my Google Analytics account?
The only data we will analyse is your reports, i.e., your blog’s traffic and performance. We do not have access to any other data connected to your personal Google account, meaning that we do not collect or read any of this information.
Is the data from my Analytics account shared externally or with third party partners?
Your Google Analytics data won’t be shared with third parties. The only shared data will be from your participation in our Influencer Marketing campaigns. This performance will of course be made available to our clients.
What does it mean if a message appeared warning me that you could have access to my Google+, YouTube and Gmail accounts during the connection of my Google Analytics account?
You will only see this message if you have already connected a Google+ and YouTube account to Buzzoole or joined a campaign that required the use of them. It also appears if you have joined our Referral Program and confirmed access to your Gmail account.
I matched my account with Google Analytics, why does the system keep blocking me?
If your account has recently been created, it’s normal that the system does not yet detect any activity and so it will not allow you to match the accounts. The solution is to wait for Google Analytics to detect some visits to the site and then you can try to match again.
I’ve got more subdomains, how can I match more Google Analytics accounts?
In order to match more than one account, you only need to repeat the operation to match all the subdomains you own.
Can I verify my Blog if I have a domain?
It’s only possible to verify your Blog with these kinds of domains if you have a paid account. It’s not possible to do it with a basic account. Please bear in mind that in order to join Blog campaigns that require verified blogs, you will need to have connected your Google Analytics account. In the case of campaigns that do not require a verified blog, you can still join them by simply using the tracking code provided by Buzzoole.
Can I remove my Google Analytics permissions once matched?
Yes, you can do it by logging into your personal Google account, via the section Connected Apps. Just bear in mind that by removing your Google Analytics account, your Blog will be no longer be verified and you would not be eligible for any Buzzoole Influencer Marketing campaigns that require the use of Blogs.


Can I choose whether to subscribe or unsubscribe to Buzzoole's emails?
You can't unsubscribe from emails pertaining to your participation in campaigns or the proper use of the platform, but you can change your email notifications towards other Buzzoole updates by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email.
How do I delete my Buzzoole account?
Are you sure you want to delete your Buzzoole account? How did we get to this point? Let's talk... we can change for you ;)
If you really think that Buzzoole is not for you, delete your Buzzoole account here. Thank you so much for your time.
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