How do I sign up for Buzzoole?
You can sign up to Buzzoole in three simple steps:

- Download the Buzzoole App for iOS or Android;
- Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google or using your Apple ID and immediately add all your favourite social media channels (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook page...).
- Complete your profile by entering your information and preferences.

You can also sign up using a browser by logging in with Facebook or Twitter at this link.
Do I have to pay to use Buzzoole?
No. Our creator services are free. You won't have to pay anything to sign up and you won't have to subscribe to any plan to analyse your social media channels and work with your favourite brands.
Can I access Buzzoole using Instagram?
You can add all your professional Instagram profiles (business or creator), but you can't use them to access your Buzzoole profile. Social login is possible with Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, our mobile App also allows you to sign in using Google or your Apple ID.
I have completed the registration, what can I do now?
Campaigns are the main source of income for creators signed up to Buzzoole. Creativity, originality and professionalism are some of the distinctive elements that you will have to focus on to participate in new, exciting projects and establish solid relationships with the brands that choose us.
We'll send you an email and a notification whenever your profile is selected for a new campaign.

In the meantime, keep track of your performance and analyse all the most interesting metrics in the dashboard that will be immediately available.
Remember that adding more social media channels to your Buzzoole profile will increase your chances of receiving invitations to campaigns.
How can I add my social media channels on Buzzoole?
From the App, go to Settings > Social Media Channels to connect your channels. If you are using the website, you can do this through the [ + ] button located on the right side of your personal dashboard.
Why can't I add my Instagram profile?
You can only add all your Instagram profiles if you have professional accounts (business or creator). To add them on Buzzoole, for each one you will have to grant the permissions required through the Facebook pages linked to them. Go to Settings > Social Media Channels > Connect your channels and, after selecting Instagram, you will see the "Edit Settings" option that will allow you to enable and disable the permissions of the Instagram business accounts you want to use with Buzzoole.

If you don't see any accounts, this could be because you have not linked a Facebook Page to your Instagram profiles. In that case, please contact our support and we will help you resolve the issue.
Can I get an idea of what to enter in the "fee" field?
The fee requested for participation in campaigns, for each social media channel, is a completely personal decision. Make an informed decision about the desired compensation for a collaboration: brands will use this as a guide when selecting creators to participate in campaigns.
Why am I sometimes asked to update the permissions of the social media channels that I've connected to Buzzoole?
Buzzoole asks you to update the permissions of your social media channels to ensure that the analysis of your performance is always up-to-date. In addition, these permissions are necessary to allow the platform to automatically detect the content you post while participating in our campaigns.
What permissions do I grant to Buzzoole at the time of registration?
You can view all permissions granted to Buzzoole at any time. To do this, you will need to access the app permissions, from the settings of each social media channel you have connected to Buzzoole. For example, for permissions granted by Facebook to Buzzoole go to Facebook > Settings > Business Integrations.
Is my data safe?
Registering in Buzzoole requires you to synchronise at least one social media channel. Therefore, you are required to log in through one of your channels. Without this synchronisation, we cannot provide you with our services. We use secure and approved APIs (Application Programming Interface) to manage your access to the platform and none of the information provided will be saved or used for other purposes. In accordance with and in full compliance with current GDPR provisions, we have technologies and procedures in place to safely collect, store and protect our users' data. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
What do I earn by participating in campaigns?
Every time you join a campaign and complete the agreed activities, you receive a cash payment. Plus, for some initiatives, you can expect products to test, event invitations, and more.
When can I request a payment?
The payment for a campaign is assigned to your Buzzoole profile as soon as you complete all the agreed activities and the respective links have been acquired by the platform. A notification will alert you that the compensation has been assigned, and you can redeem it immediately and start the process to receive the payment according to the terms and conditions accepted. Learn more about how and when you can receive a payment.
Where can I find the payments assigned to my profile?
To view or redeem your payments, go to the Wallet section of the App or our website.
How can I request a payment?
In the App Wallet or on our website, click REQUEST PAYMENT next to the name of each campaign. Payment is made by bank transfer through Hyperwallet, a global leader in transactions. Therefore, in order to receive payments, you must provide your bank account information via the Settings section of your profile. In order for a payment to be issued, you must provide an account that is eligible for SEPA credit transfers. Prepaid reloadable cards with associated IBAN (for example PostePay) are not accepted.

Please note: the agreed compensation follows the tax system declared on your profile at the time you agreed to participate in a campaign. Make sure to update your information correctly before confirming your participation in campaigns.
Can I choose whether or not to subscribe to Buzzoole emails?
It is not possible to unsubscribe from emails related to participation in our campaigns or those necessary for the correct use of the platform. For marketing communication you can always manage your communication subscriptions using the unsubscribe link at the button of each email you'll receive
How can I delete my Buzzoole account?
You can delete your Buzzoole profile from Settings. What has brought you to this decision? If you want we can talk about it — we are always here to help.
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