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Buzzoole: New capital funding

2019-10-30 Buzzoole: New capital funding

Capital injection of over 2 million euros for the Influencer Marketing Solution provider by StarTIP, Vertis SGR, Digital Magics, as well as by the founders and some employees

Thanks to this new capital increase Buzzoole will focus on the technological implementation of an 'enterprise' offer dedicated to the most advanced realities

Milan, October 30, 2019 – Buzzoole, Influencer Marketing Solution Provider able to connect brands to content creators through the use of Artificial Intelligence, announces that it has secured a capital investment of over €2 million in a round led by StarTIP (Tamburi Investment Partners group), Vertis SGR, Digital Magics, the founders Fabrizio Perrone and Gennaro Varriale and some employees. 

Founded in 2013 and incubated by Digital Magics, Buzzoole connects companies to Influencers enabling them to create content in line with their brand values, by leveraging a technological platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows you to manage, automate and measure the Influencer Marketing campaigns performance. 

Buzzoole has developed an innovative technological platform based on deep learning algorithms, statistical models and social network analysis, through which it is able to perform an intelligent categorization and evaluate brand affinity. Artificial Intelligence allows an accurate analysis of an Influencer’s profiles and content, using Natural Language Understanding and Image Recognition techniques. Our proprietary technology also offers a fraud detection system that with thanks to opt in insights data access we are able to analyse each social network, which then enables us to identify influencers who are involved in fraudulent practices. Finally, this acquired insight data allows the brand to set useful benchmarks for both the selection phase and the results phase by which the campaign is measured. 

The capital investment will help to boost the technological development of new enterprise solutions, such as the recent launch of Buzzoole Discovery. A tool dedicated to companies that can directly manage their own Influencer campaigns 'in house', and that is part of a more articulated SaaS technological platform that will soon be released in the market. 

The expanded adoption of Influencer Marketing strategies positions Buzzoole at the center of a double collaboration with brands and agencies. On the one hand companies that need an advisor-oriented approach Buzzoole will continue to ensure this through managed campaigns services. On the other hand more complex industrial realities that, over the years, have been internalized processes and resources dedicated to this type of activity are ready to be implemented in an end-to-end solution.

“The market has recently witnessed a clear growth in the Influencer Marketing spending in the communication plans of the more advanced companies with specific needs. These organizations that are structured to manage Influencer Marketing activities internally are increasingly asking for a solution based on a solid and integrated technology. We therefore enthusiastically welcome this new capital investment that renews the commitment of our investors in the sector and that will allow us to respond to the growing demand from the enterprise market with advanced and unique SaaS tools, distinguished by a strong innovative footprint”, said Fabrizio Perrone, CEO & Founder of Buzzoole.