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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the Buzzoole Facebook app

This Application collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Facebook permissions asked by this Application

Basic information Allows the Owner to retrieve some basic information from your Facebook profile.
About Me Provides access to the 'About Me' section of the profile.
Current City Provides access to the user's current location.
Email Send emails
Friends' Current Cities Provides access to the friends' current locations.
Groups Provides access to the list of groups the user is a member of.
Likes Provides access to the list of all of the pages the user has liked.
News Feed and Wall Access the News Feed and Wall.
Photos Provides access to the photos the user has uploaded, and photos the user has been tagged in.
Publish to the Wall Publish content to the Wall.

Use of the Data and other Data collected

Access to third party services' accounts

Access to the Facebook account Permissions: About Me, Current City, Email, Friends' Current Cities, Groups, Likes, News Feed and Wall, Photos and Publish to the Wall

Google Analytics Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data

Registration and authentication

Direct registration
Personal Data Country, email address, first name, last name and province

Contact information

Data owner
Buzzoole srl, info@buzzoole.com
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